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Zante island news and views

Zante or Zakynthos is one of the most southerly of the Ionian chain of holiday islands that follow the coastline of western Greece. Zante has great holiday beaches, fertile plains and wild cliffs while resorts range from idyllic fishing villages to neon-lit resorts like Laganas. The main beach resorts are to the south and west. Elsewhere, expect pretty villages and quiet coves.

Zante loggerhead turtle caretta
Zante rapped over turtle sites

Greece had been condemned by the European Court for failing to protect endangered sea turtles as it dumps household waste on a key nesting sit on Zante.

Loggerhead turtles in danger
Action on Zante turtles

One good reason not to book a Greek island holiday in Laganas on Zante this summer. Greece is to face European court action over the illegal dumping of waste on the holiday beach of Kalamaki.

Loggerhead turtles in danger
Holiday threat to turtles

The hotspot Greek island holiday resort of Laganas on Zante (Zakynthos) attracts thousands of holidaymakers each year with scores of happy hour cocktail bars and neon-lit nightclubs.

Crazy nights at clubs in Laganas
Laganas hooligans

Policing the popular holiday tourist strip of Laganas, Zante, looks set to remain a problem after locals failed to reach agreement on cracking down on late-night hooligans.

Bikes for hire in Zante
Zante holiday plea

Zante island will have to improve services if it is to attract more visitors on Greek island holidays, the island council has been warned. Poor roads, inadequate sewage treatment, irregular water supplies and lack of signposting . . .

Wildfires rage across Greece
Wildfires rage

As temperatures have soared in Greece, the hot summer weather has sparked wildfires on several Greek islands this year. Hardest hit have been forest areas on Zakynthos where wildfires have been ravaging the countryside all week . . .

Painters in Zante 2013
Zante arts

Holiday visitors to Zante can get a taste of modern art as the island stages and International Art and Creation Festival. It is the second year running that Zante tourists get to see paintings from international artists.

Zante Nagavio cliff diving
Zante cliff diving

Taking photos of the famous Shipwreck Beach on Zante is a popular activity for many holiday visitors to the island. But this video shows what it must be like to jump from the near vertical cliffs.

Base jumping on Zante
Zante has a record season

As the last holiday flight leaves Zante at the end of the summer season, islanders are celebrating a record year in 2013. Latest figures will show more than 500,000 visited Zakynthos this year.

Zante holiday waterpark
Zante highlights

Family holidays on Zante have proved hugely popular and Zante, also called Zakynthos, is many families' Greek island holiday of choice. Although a beach holiday is the main attraction, anyone can tire of sunbathing and swimming . . .

Alykanas beach Zante
Alykanas beach resort

Alykanas is one of Zante's most popular Greek beach holiday resorts and located about 18km north-west of Zakynthos Town and very close to the equally popular beach resort of Alykes.

Alykes holiday beach on Zante
Zante holiday season roundup

As the last of the Zante summer holiday holiday tourists flew out last week hotel owners and travel agents have been looking back over a bumpy year. Although Greek Island holidays held up well in 2011, despite the economic problems . . .

Zante horse carriage
Zante clean-up

Horse carriages owners on the holiday island of Zante are to be told to clean up their act. The horse carriages rides are very popular with tourists in a number of resorts on the islanincluding the capital port of Zakynthos Town . . .

Zakynthos Hospital
Zante hospital

Government funding cuts are having a serious impact with claims that the general hospital on Ionian island of Zakynthos is close to breaking point. It may have to close unless it gets more funding.

Base jumping on Zante
Zante contest

Holiday visitors to Zante can catch a glimpse of one of the world's most thrilling extreme sports when the famous Shipwreck Beach host a base jumping contest. An extreme sport is always an attraction for many viewers just because of the theme . . .

Clubbers party in Laganas Zante
Zante curb on drunks

Residents of the popular Zante holiday resort of Laganas have had enough of drunken Brits rampaging through their streets. A protest petition is demanding that authorities clamp down on the annual summer holiday 'jungle' of drunken street parties . . .

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