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Zante beach cliff diving on video

- by Archimedes

Zante beach cliff diving on video.

Taking photos of the famous Shipwreck Beach on Zante is a popular activity for many holiday visitors to the island. But this video posted on Youtube here shows what it must be like to jump from the near vertical cliffs to the beach below. The video follows the fortunes of base jumping enthusiasts who sky dive off the cliffs to the sands below.

Apologies for the music soundtrack which I suppose is meant to add to the excitement – you decide.

Zante hosts an annual contest for extreme sports enthusiasts at the Navagio beach. Big name base jumpers from across the world attend the event which is usually held in August.

The base jumping contest is an extra attraction for holiday visitors to Zante who are visiting the island at this time of year.

Obviously, the sport is not without it dangers, as highlighted when a British base jumper died in June last year when his parachute got snagged on the cliff face.

Tourist Jake Simkins, 42, was making a jump from the Navagio cliffs when he hit the cliff face and got stuck on rocks for three hours before plunging 180ft to his death. Emergency workers were unable to reach him before he fell.

Almost every holiday visitor to Zante will visit the famous shipwreck cove which features on loads of Zante postcards and holiday brochures.

The wreck is just a rusty old steamer that struck the beach while on a cigarette and booze smuggling expedition. It ran aground in poor weather while being chased by a Greek navy patrol boat.

But the picture postcard setting adds glamour. There are no roads to this spot and the easiest access is by sea. Day trips excursion boats arrive hourly bring hundreds of trippers every day.