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Zante underwater city find

- by Archimedes

Zante underwater city find.

An important new underwater archaeological site has been discovered off the Greek Island holiday coast of Zante. Impressive underwater remains have been found off the coastal holiday resort of Alykanas on Zante where a team has been working for nearly a month.

The large sunken site is believed to cover about 30,000 square metres and shows evidence of paved floors, courtyards and colonnades.

Early guesses are that this is the remains of an ancient city port but the absence of any pottery finds so far make it difficult to date.

The site is off the coast of one of Zante's most popular holiday beach resort area at Alykanas and Alykes where thousand of holidaymakers visit each year.

Underwater archaeologists have found at least 20 circular column bases each with a large central hole that suggests they were to support wooden columns.

The size of the building suggest the existence of a significant ancient settlement in the Alikanas area.

Now the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities will work in collaboration with the Municipality of Zakynthos to carry out more extensive research and mapping of the site as soon as possible.