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Ikaria is the most southerly of the Aegean group of Greek islands just off the coast of Turkey and famed for its red wine, its thermal springs, and the legend of Icarus. Ikaria It is a relatively large and mountainous island with a long coastline of steep cliffs and sheltered coves. There is only a handful of good beaches but the best of them compare to any of the best beaches in the Greek islands.

Kkaria Seychelle beach

The remote location of Seychelles Beach on Ikaria is well off the Greek Islands tourist trail, but it's no worse for that. UK's Stylist magazine says this is one of the best 'hidden beaches' in the world

ikaria jamie oliver

The 40-year-old TV chef Jamie Oliver visited the coastal resort village of Armenistis on the Greek island of Ikaria where he tasted local dishes of pan fried mullet.

Stamis Moraitis

A heart warming story extolling the virtues of the Greek lifestyle has been making it's way around the internet. We doubt whether there will ever be a better advert.

Healthy eating at Ikaria taverna

People living on the Greek island of Ikaria are ten times more likely to see their 90th birthday than those from the rest of Europe thanks to a regular diet of fish, fruit and vegetables.

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