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Ikaria's hidden beach one of the best in the world

- by Dabs Banner

A beach on the island of Ikaria is included on a list of the top most 'magical' hidden beaches of the world.

The south coast beach of Seychelles or Seichelle lies beneath sheer white cliffs in one of the islands most memorable settings.

The remote location and relatively difficult access put Seychelles well off the tourist trail, but it's no worse for that.

UK's Stylist magazine says this is one of the beaches "where you'll find peace and perhaps just one or two other people".

The beach is seventh in the magazine's top ten list of world-beating beaches that have escaped the attention of tour companies.

This hidden beach on Ikaria is accessible only on foot or by boat and was created by a landslide triggered when they dug a road tunnel to the nearby village of Manganitis.

The beach lies down a very steep path that follows the river bed from the village to a shore of brilliant white stones in a picturesque cove that's embraced by white limestone cliffs.

The white stones turn the waters a deep turquoise while offshore rocks offer a place to paddle.

"If you want to find paradise without the crowds you're going to need to beach clever -- and that means heading for sands less trodden and you don't have to travel too far to find them," says the magazine.

There are no facilities on Seychelles beach so visitors must take their own provisions, but there are tavernas and cafes in Manganitis village.

Ikaria island itself is not one of the most visited of Greek islands. It is located in the North Aegean island group just off the Turkish coast about 20 kilometres south-west of Samos.

Famous since ancient times for the legend of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun, and melted his wings of feather and wax, the island is also noted for its dark red wine and hot water springs
Although Ikaria has only a few beaches, they number some of the best in all the Greek islands.

Ikaria's interior is rocky and rugged, and its small mountain villages are remote; the principal villages are confined to coastal strips to the north and south.

Ikaria is an island for those seeking a Greek island holiday off the beaten track and away from the crowds.

Stylist magazine's most magical hidden beaches are:

  • Rodas Beach, The Cies Islands, Spain
  • Claigan Coral Bay, Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Notre Dame Beach, Porquerolles, France
  • Comporta Beach, Tróia, Portugal
  • Blaci Beach, Mijet, Croatia
  • Playa del Amor, The Marieta Islands, Mexico
  • Seychelles Beach, Ikaria, Greece
  • Point of Sand, Little Cayman, Caribbean
  • Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, USA
  • Bai Sao Beach, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Stylist magazine is a weekly publication of news, features, fashion and beauty aimed at women. You can read a full report on all the beaches here.