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Greek Island goes up for sale

- by Dabs Banner

Fancy buying a private Greek Island for an extra special Christmas present? One of the most beautiful islands in Greece is up for sale off the Greek holiday island of Lesvos in the north Aegean.

Only a short boat hop from the Lesvos capital port of Mytelini, the tiny 16-acre islet called Little Mytilene is on the market for a cool €800,000 or around £640,000 at the current exchange rate.

The price tag is out of the question for most of us, but £640,000 is less than the price of a two-bedroom flat in somewhere like London.

Just north of Mytilene city, the island is just 200 metres offshore from the sleepy village of Pamfila and surrounded by clear, clean and tranquil waters.

The island is uninhabited but Greek the estate agents say a building permit should not be a problem and, with an international airport not far away and good ferry links from the nearby port it is likely to attract a lot of interest.

German-based selling agents Vladi Private Islands say Mediterranean private islands rarely come on the market and when they do, they can command an astronomical price-tag.

Greek island sale may attract international buyers

The current owner is Greek and the island has been on sale for some time, but only in Greece where it has not attracted a great deal of interest.

The owner is now testing out the international market where a private Greek Island might be just the ticket for rising millionaires.

Any buyer will also have to build a house and jetty and there is the problem of fresh water that will have to be obtained either buy storing rainwater or building a desalination plant. There is the further problem of waste and sewage disposal to consider.

But the island is very green, with a covering of scrub and it's circled by crystal clear, azure waters and even a sandy beach.

The island of Lesvos has been a long-time favourite of holidaymakers with its beautiful hillsides, miles of sandy beaches and international reputation for its hot water springs, sardines and it's fiery ouzo.

Lesvos as popular holiday destination for women

Lesvos is also the birthplace of Sappho, the famous 6th century BC poet who wrote verses for other women, their beauty, their relationships and their daily lives.

The association has led to Lesvos and especially the town of Eresos, the birthplace of Sappho, becoming a popular holiday destination for lesbian tourists and a women's festival is held in the beach resort of Skala Eresos each year.

A big and very beautiful, Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek islands after Crete and Rhodes and, although it attracts thousand of tourists each year, the traditional small Greek island atmosphere has not been spoiled.

The production of exceptional olive oil and it's trademark ouzo, along with sardine fishing means the island is not totally reliant on the tourist trade.

Lesvos islanders also have a proud identity marked by deep cultural traditions. The main attractions for tourists are the traditional way of life, the varied landscape, the island's quaint hill villages and several splendid sandy beaches.

Top attractions on Lesvos include its many thermal springs and bath houses, said to have healing properties for skin and muscle conditions and the petrified forest at Sigri, in the west of the island and now a World heritage Site, where fossilised stumps of trees are thought to be 20 million years old.