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Reflections on Lesvos life

- by Jason Marlin

Reflections on Lesvos life in new book.

Scatterlight Donkeys & Foxballs Ice Cream

Photos and stories from Lesvos by Julie Smit and Jan van Lent with artwork by Jeroen Koster

Dutch residents of Molyvos, Julie Smit and Jan van Lent, clearly love the Greek island of Lesvos with a passion. Julie's stories about Lesvos life, which number more than 120, and Jan's striking photographs, there are 320 of them, evoke a warmth for the island that no mere travel guide could ever match.

The authors moved to Lesvos in 2001 and their island walks took them to many out-of-the-way places on this large and beautiful Greek island. Letters home, and a weekly blog, prompted enough to warrant the publication of these remarkable reflections on the history, doings and life of Lesvos.

The book is a mine of information about the islands Lesvos, its nature, its people, its traditions and its history. Chapters sketch portraits of the varies aspects of Lesvos life such as culture, weather, local products – even garbage.

The views are not glimpsed through rose-tinted spectacles. The stories – more than 120 on 288 pages – can vary from the affectionate and warm to the critical and perplexed. All however are laced with wit and humour and underpinned by a genuine love of Lesvos and its people.

The photographs show Lesvos in all its glory, from the detailed beauty of a wild orchid to perfect panoramas of sea, lake and sky. Especially touching are the photographs of Lesvos people at work and at play.

Anyone looking for a book about Lesvos that is more interesting than a coffee table embellishment and more inviting than tourist travel guide could do no better than order a copy of Scatterlight Donkeys & Foxballs Ice Cream. The book is published in Dutch and English with German and Greek editions in the pipeline. You can order online at the Smitaki website