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Samos in cheap flight holiday bid

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Samos in cheap flight holiday bid.

While the rest of the Greek islands show a big surge in visitors this year beaches on Samos and Ikaria are comparatively empty. Now hotel owners want to tempt low cost airlines to open up cheap flight routes to Samos in a bid to boost traffic This year tourist numbers are well down on last year while other islands in Greece are reporting a rise in holiday visitors.

President of the Hotel Association of Samos and Ikaria, Kostas Kyriazis, is urging all those involved in tourism on both islands to sign up to a scheme to bring more flights to the region.

Those joining up will pay a €100 fee and the money will be used to promote both islands as holiday destinations. If enough people join it is estimated they could raise €500,000 by the end of the year.

Most of the money could go on subsidising cheap flights into Samos which could bring in thousands more visitors each year.

Mr Kyriazis said: "The main purpose of fundraising is to find a low cost airline, which will operate four charter flights a week over the summer season."

Tourism experts say that subsidising that number of cheap flight airlines may cost around €150,000 but it could bring in an extra 20,000 tourists next year

Samos is one of the north Aegean islands and lies close to the Turkish coastline. It is a large and mountainous island that was in ancient times one of Greece's wealthiest.

It not only has many magnificent beaches but its archeological treasures much in evidence. Samos has dozens of sandy beaches, towering mountains, some very beautiful scenery with lush hill forests of pine and oak.