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Thassos is the most northerly Greek holiday island and lies off the Macedonian coast of mainland Greece. A good road rings the island to give easy access to the sandy beaches that dot the coastline.The pine trees that carpet most of Thassos lead to its being dubbed the 'Emerald Isle'. Slightly off the main tourist trail, Thassos is still very easy to reach from the mainland airport at Kavala.

The holiday resort of Limenaria, on the Greek island of Thassos, should get a welcome boost with the building of a new boat marina. This popular holiday spot located on the south coast of Thassos.

Pefkari Beach on Thassos

Greece has lived through troubled times recently and Greek Island holidays have suffered a drop in visitors as a result. Having just returned from a holiday on Thassos I can honestly say it has been one of the best holidays ever . . .

Great views over Thassos

Thassos is not only one of the less 'discovered' destinations for Greek island holidays, it also has some of the best 'undiscovered' sights. Those visitors on a holiday to Thassos who stick to the beaches will miss out on one of the best features of Thassos . . .

Marble quarry at Alyki on Thassos

Anyone who has been on holiday to Thassos will not have failed to notice the island's marble heritage. Thassos marble is famed throughout the world for its translucent quality and lorries loaded with huge marble slabs . . .

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