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Thassos gets €70 million marina

- by Archimedes

Thassos resort gets new €70 million marina.

The holiday resort of Limenaria, on the Greek island of Thassos, should get a welcome boost with the building of a new boat marina. This popular holiday spot located on the south coast of Thassos is the second biggest resort on the island after the capital at Limenas in the north and has a long waterfront promenade, a very pleasant beach and any number of tavernas and cafes to visit.

There is a small harbour at the eastern end of Limenaria but the new marina is to be built at the western end of the resort at a cost of more than €7 million.

Such a large injection of cash into the local economy is very welcome at a time when Greece is feeling the pinch of austerity.

The new marina will have moorings for about 70 vessels and is expected to be complete in three years. It will serve shipping routes for the whole north Aegean and help to contribute to tourism in the whole Macedonia region.

As well as serving the sea route that runs along the coastline of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace with connections to the islands of Limnos and Samothrace and then to the islands of Lesvos and Chios, the port will also be used by tourist day trip boats on tours around the island and by private yachts and flotilla companies.

Thassos has not suffered the influx of tourists found on other Greek islands and this has very much helped the island retain its Greek character and charm.

Tourists who do find their way to Thassos will find an island dotted with fine beaches all around the almost circular coastline. Although it doesn't have its own island airport, the major airport of Alexandros Kavala is nearby on the mainland and it is just a short road and ferry trip to Thassos island.