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The small island chain of the Sporades lie off the east shore of mainland Greece near the Pelion region. The main islands are Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. Most visitors fly into Skiathos airport and Skiathos is a major package holiday island. The Sporades are also popular with yacht flotillas. Skyros is the most isolated with few ferry links. Much of the sea in the Sporades form a marine park so waters are very clear.

mediterranean monk seal

Alonissos is one of the Sporades group of islands and lies at the heart of a marine conservation area. Now hotels, shops, restaurants on the islands have agreed to ban the use of plastic bags across the island in order to protect wildlife.

lalaria beach skiathos

Consultants have been hired to promote holiday in Skiathos in target markets of the UK, Germany and Scandinavia this year. In the pipeline are free trips for tour companies and journalists.

skiathos airport landing

A British couple hoping for a memorable holiday in Skiathos returned to the UK with nothing but bad memories after they were charged for a Bungalow they never set foot in.

Greek island ferry bad weather

Getting a car on board a Greek island ferry when the wind is blowing and the waters are choppy can turn out to be a tricky business, as this video shot on Alonissos shows.

lalaria beach skiathos

A popular target of tourist boat trips, the white pebble beach of Lalaria on Skiathos is a photogenic wonderland but taking some of its pure white pebbles could land you with a fine

skiathos airport landing

Visitors flying in and out of the holiday island of Skiathos may find the experience a little less taxing now that work is well under way on extending the island's notoriously short runway.

Lalaria Beach on Skiathos

UK holidaymakers have voted for their ten best beaches in the Greek Islands in a poll carried out by travel website Tripadvisor. Skiathos came top of the poll in the Travellers' Choice 2012 Beach Destinations awards for the top ten beach . . .

Alonissos island shop in Chora

The Greek holiday island of Alonissos has picked up a gold award for the quality of its beaches and for its eco-tourist facilities. The gold medal was awarded by the Quality Coast Association.

Learning to sea kyak on a Skopelos holiday

Many people are looking for more in a Greek island holiday than lying on the beach and sipping beer in a taverna. Now a Skopelos holiday company Aegean Escapes is pulling in holiday visitors with popular courses in sea kayaking.

Kastani beach on Skopelos

It had to happen I suppose, but the wonder is it has lasted so long. Visitors on a Skopelos holiday can still hardly escape the Greek island's links with the hit musical movie 'Mamma Mia' Released in 2008, the romantic comedy musical . . .

Approaching Kyra Panagia island

No one on holiday in Alonissos can fail to note the crystal clean waters that surround this, one of the less visited of the Greek holiday islands in the Sporades group. The clear water is, in part at least, a result of Alonissos being the centre . . .

Mediterranean Monk Seal

Greeks care little for the fate of endangered dolphins and seals in the Mediterranean, claim wildlife and ecology experts as many are routinely killed by fishermen.

Skiathos Palace Hotel

The beach holiday hotel Skiathos Palace, in Koukounaries Skiathos, has picked up a top international award for its green credentials. The 550-bed hotel which overlooks one of the world's best known holiday beaches at Koukounaries . . .

Mermaid and fisherman

Many years ago I used to visit the island of Skiathos quite regularly and came across postcards of paintings by a Greek folk artist called Themis Tsironis.

Mediterranean monkseal is endangered

A Mediterranean monk seal pup (monachus monachus) is currently being cared for at a seal rehabilitation centre on the Greek island of Alonissos. Conservationists rescued the two-month-old monk seal, one of only about 600 . . .

Holiday plane landing at Skiathos

Flying into the Greek holiday island of Skiathos may herald the start of your Greek island holiday is definitely not for the faint of heart. Pilots bank around to hit Skiathos island runway from the south and passengers on the right . . .

Skopelos plums

Skopelos is one of my favourite Greek holiday island hideaways. It was unfortunate that one of its best the beaches was used for so much filming in the hit movie musical Mamma Mia.

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