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Skopelos is the second largest Greek island in the Sporades island chain. Skopelos is virtually cloaked in pine trees with several sleepy resorts scattered around the indented shoreline. Sandy beaches are scarce on Skopelos but Its beautiful landscapes, dotted with olive and plum groves, are popular with up-market travellers and day-trippers from nearby islands.

Learning to sea kyak on a Skopelos holiday

Many people are looking for more in a Greek island holiday than lying on the beach and sipping beer in a taverna. Now a Skopelos holiday company Aegean Escapes is pulling in holiday visitors with popular courses in sea kayaking.

Kastani beach on Skopelos

It had to happen I suppose, but the wonder is it has lasted so long. Visitors on a Skopelos holiday can still hardly escape the Greek island's links with the hit musical movie 'Mamma Mia' Released in 2008, the romantic comedy musical . . .

Skopelos plums

Skopelos is one of my favourite Greek holiday island hideaways. It was unfortunate that one of its best the beaches was used for so much filming in the hit movie musical Mamma Mia.

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