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Sea kayaking on a Skopelos holiday

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Sea kayaking on a Skopelos holiday.

Many people are looking for more in a Greek island holiday than lying on the beach and sipping cold beer in a taverna. Now a Skopelos holiday company Aegean Escapes is pulling in active holiday visitors with popular courses in sea kayaking.

Holidays on Skopelos, with its uncrowded beaches, rugged cliffs, impressive sea caves and uninhabited offshore islets, is the perfect location for exploring on guided sea kayaking holidays.

Aegean Escapes is based in the traditional hilltop village of Glossa, at the north end of Skopelos, overlooking the small fishing port of Loutraki.

The UK owners escaped the trials of life in the Midlands about five years ago to sample life in this warm and welcoming Greek island village.

Now their kayaking activity holidays have proved a real hit with visitors. Their Skopelos sea kayaking holidays run from April to November and include single-day trips, multi-day tours circumnavigating the island of Skopelos and even expeditions to the neighbouring islands.

On a sea kayaking activity holiday in Skopelos you can and expect to see dolphins leaping from the Aegean, turtles taking it easy, awe inspiring sea caves and secret, deserted beaches.

Beginners and children can join in the Paddle and Play sessions while more the more experienced can enjoy more demanding days out.

All their Skopelos sea trips are led by British Canoe Union qualified coaches and including island hopping in the Skopelos marine conservation area.

Equipment is designed to cope with a wide variety of sea conditions and is very carefully maintained. They have a selection of single and double seater kayaks, fitted with either rudders or skegs to help you go where you want – better than going round in circles!

The kayaks are sit inside, stable and easy to paddle. Also provided on the sea kayak adventure holidays are kayak paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks and dry bags.

And it is not all work and no play. The is plenty of time on sea kayak holidays to relax on a beach or go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters around Skopelos .

The coast of Skopelos is perfect for activity holidays in Greece with secret beaches, sea caves, tunnels and miles of rocks and cliffs. There are also small islands nearby inhabited by a plethora of nesting sea birds as well as hawks, buzzards and falcons.

In spring and early summer you may be lucky enough to spot whales and even an occasional basking shark. Later in the season the tuna appear, usually signified by huge flocks of gulls.

Aegean Escapes also provide all types of accommodation, from simple seafront apartments to splendid villas with private pools. Details of accommodation can be found on their website at and for more details on their Skopelos activity holidays in Greece, see the Skopelos Tours page.