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Travel in the Greek islands can seem a marathon, given the number of islands and fascinating sights. Many visitors stay on one island but, with regular ferries and flights, there really is no need. There are seven island groups each with its own character - no two islands are the same but groups tend to share attributes, from the classic style of the Cyclades to the Venetian echoes of the Ionian; the Crusader castles of Rhodes to the green of Thassos.

kos seaplanes waterway hellenic
Seaplanes grounded until 2016

Holiday visitors hoping to Greek Island hop on one of the new inter-islands seaplane services look like they will have to wait a while longer. Hellenic Seaplanes intended to launch Greek Island seaplane services this year, but plans have been put on hold.

Tourists fly in on cheap flight deals
Greek night flights on hold

Holidaymakers planning flights in and out of Greek Island airports this summer may find problems in booking flights at night. Many Greek island airports across the country are facing serious problems as government cash dries up, it has been reported.

Hellenic Seaplanes
No seaplanes in 2015

Hopes have faded for plans to get seaplanes flying tourist services between Greek Islands during the 2015 summer holiday season. Lack of a proper waterway network has left seaplane company Hellenic Seaplanes with plenty of aircraft but nowhere to land.

Kefalonia airport sign
Greek airports sell-off

Plans to sell more than a dozen Greek island airports have been put on hold by the new left-wing Greek government after Greece had agreed a €1.2 billion deal with German airport operator Fraport

greek ferry fire norman atlantic
Greek ferry fire

Five people are thought to have died and 290 passengers have so far been rescued from a burning Greek ferry sailing from Greece to Italy. Rescue helicopters arrived near the ship in order to resume their mission

corfu airport
Greek island airports sold

More than a dozen Greek Island airports are set to be sold off in a move aimed at filling the Greek government's cash-strapped coffers. Airports on holiday islands are to be privatised

landing at corfu airport
Greek airports could do better

Greek holiday chiefs have called for big improvements to airports across the Greek Islands in a bid to boost tourism even further after this his summer season saw a 13% rise iinternational flights to Greece

Greek island ferry bad weather
Greek ferry hopping

Thousands of holiday visitors drive their cars onto Greek Island ferries over the summer but an island hopping trip in the car out of season can be a different proposition.

google greece street view
Google tours Greek sights

Holidaymakers who fancy a quick tour of the top Greek and Greek Island attractions can take a 90 second virtual tour with the release of a Google street view promotional video on YouTube.

Greek seaplane
Tests start on seaplane services

Seaplane services to ferry holidaymakers between the holiday islands of Greece are a step nearer as the go-ahead in given to test water runways at Greek ports in the Peloponnese.

blue flag 2014
Greek beaches net Blue Flags

It's a bumper year for the Greek Islands in 2014 as its holiday beaches notch up a total of 408 prestigious Blue Flag awards for safe, clean sands and another 10 awards for boat marinas.

cruise ship
Greek seamen drop anchor

Holiday visitors to the Greek Islands could find ferry services halted if shipping companies fail to find back pay owed to crews. Seamen's unions are angry over unpaid wages.

National Hellenic Music
Greek museum delights

The National Hellenic Museum in Chicago is one of America's oldest institutions. It celebrates Greek cultural influences and is home to an impressive library of artefacts dating back thousands of years.

Greek sail tax hits tourists

Greece recently announced a new law that will make yacht owners pay a 'sea circulation' tax for the privilege of sailing through Greek waters or for mooring their vessels in Greek ports.

hellenic seaplanes
Seaplanes set to launch

The holiday island of Zanteis the latest to sign up for seaplane services to other Greek Islands. Greek company Hellenic Seaplanes has been given green light from the Zakynthos Port

british airways tailplanes
New Greek flights from BA

Flagship UK carrier British Airways is to launch scheduled flights to two popular Greek Island holiday destinations next year. Direct flights to Santorini and Mykonos start in March 2014.

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