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Travel in the Greek islands can seem a marathon, given the number of islands and fascinating sights. Many visitors stay on one island but, with regular ferries and flights, there really is no need. There are seven island groups each with its own character - no two islands are the same but groups tend to share attributes, from the classic style of the Cyclades to the Venetian echoes of the Ionian; the Crusader castles of Rhodes to the green of Thassos.

Olympic airways tailfins
Greek airlines deal

Holiday visitors to the Greek Islands will find a single Greek flyer after a buyout was given the go-ahead. Talks are now under way for a complete takeover of Olympic Air by rivals Aegean Airlines

Athens airport bus
Better bus to ferries

Holiday visitors to Greece and the Greek Islands are to get extra bus services between Athens' airport and the ferry port at Piraeus. The Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA) has announced changes to bus routes serving Athens . . .

Jet 2 com aircraft
Greek holiday airport boost

Holiday visitors to the Greek islands know how frustrating airport check-ins can be with long queues at outdated and inadequate island airports. That looks set to change.

Rhodes Diagoras Airport
Brits baffled by holiday map

Writing travel guides to Greece can be a little disheartening when nearly 30% of UK holidaymakers mistake Greece for France. Around 2,000 booked for flights on British Airways pointed to France when asked to identify Greece on a holiday map.

Dust storms over the Med
Sand storms

Holidaymakers in the Dodecanese islands of Greece may find a little more sand than expected on the beaches this year. As the UK remains in the frozen grip of a long winter some Greek islands are hit by sand storms

Greek Island ferry unloading on Paros
Fears for ferries

Fears are growing for the future of some Greek Island ferry companies as the economic situation in Greece continues to look bleak. Many Greek Island ferry firms which manage ferry routes between the islands and the mainland ports have accumulated losses . . .

Prasonisi beach on Rhodes
Best car hire deals

Most holiday visitors to the Greek islands will want to hire a car in order to get the best value out of their holiday experience. Many Greek islands are relatively small but most of them, and that includes the most popular holiday islands, are big enough . . .

Taverna sign
Getting around in Greece

Holidaymakers on a Greek Island holiday for the first time will usually find that getting around is fairly easy. Most Greek islands usually have some form of public transport.

google greece street view
Google tours Greek sights

Holidaymakers who fancy a quick tour of the top Greek and Greek Island attractions can take a 90 second virtual tour with the release of a Google street view promotional video on YouTube.

cruise ship costa fascino corfu
Greece cruises into 2016

Cruise ships are still sailing into Greek ports despite some islands suffering heavily from the refugee crisis. Latest figures show a 12% rise in curse she arrivals in ports across Greece.

Greece road danger

Hiring a rental car or motorbike on a Greek holiday getaway is the popular choice of most visitors. But the fact remains that you more than three times as likely to die on Greek roads than in the UK..

Plane lands at Corfu
Greek holiday airport sell-off

Greece has finally leased out its main state-run regional airports to a private German-Greek consortium after months of negotiations. Airports on several the holiday islands are included in the deal.

Piraeus Port of Athens Greece
Ports sell-off

State-run ports throughout Greece could be sold off to private firms in to cut the national debt. Visitors using Greek Islands holiday ferries are unlikely to notice but the Greek government is ....

Ryanair planes on the tarmac
Low cost airlines

Greece looks set to boost its bid to bring in more tourists with a series of initiatives aimed at attracting low cost airlines. Tourism Minister Paul Geroulanos told a conference that low cost airlines could hold the key to opening up new areas . . .

Kefalonia airport sign
Greece tourists

Tourist arrivals in Greece grew more than 4% in the five months to the end of May, compared to 2010 figures.In a monthly report based on tourists arriving in the country by air, the Federation of Hellenic Tourism Enterprises (SETE) said . . .

landing at corfu airport
Greek airports could do better

Greek holiday chiefs have called for big improvements to airports across the Greek Islands in a bid to boost tourism even further after this his summer season saw a 13% rise iinternational flights to Greece

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