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Travel in the Greek islands can seem a marathon, given the number of islands and fascinating sights. Many visitors stay on one island but, with regular ferries and flights, there really is no need. There are seven island groups each with its own character — no two islands are the same but groups tend to share attributes, from the classic style of the Cyclades to the Venetian echoes of the Ionian; the Crusader castles of Rhodes to the green of Thassos.


Gold Star Ferries is operating two high-speed ferries to the Sporades islands daily over the summer months. The ferries both run twice a day from Volos and Thessaloniki.

Jet 2 com aircraft

As work goes ahead on upgrading Greek island airports Fraport has announced a surge in new flights. Companies inaugurating flights include and British Airways.

Hellenic Seaways two ferries

Greek ferry company Hellenic Seaways is to be taken over by Attica Group following the green light from Greece's competition authority. Attica Group operates Blue Star and Superfast ferry lines

Santorini cruise ships

Cruise ship visitors spend a lot less in the shops and cafes than other tourists. You only have to wander the overcrowded streets above the port to wonder if the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.

Azimut ferry Joy

A new ferry route to link all the Ionian islands for the first time looks ready to set sail daily, except Sunday, from May 1 and run right through the summer season until the end of October.

hellenic seaplanes

Seaplane test flights on Corfu only show what slow progress has been made in a project bogged down in Greek red tape.

kos seaplanes waterway hellenic

Plans to launch seaplane services between the Greek Islands remain a pipe-dream; bogged down by red tape, government inertia and endless political wrangling.

Samos airport ungrade plan by Fraport

The Greek government says development work on revamping the country's 14 regional airports will start soon. Tourists travelling to many Greek islands can expect fewer delays.

Paliouri beach on Halkidiki

Temperatures in the Greek Islands are projected to stay in the high 30s Celsius well into August, and it will probably feel even warmer thanks to high humidity.

Seaplane lands near Corfu

Hellenic Seaplanes has been trying to get a seaplane network in the air since 2013. The latest setback is a Greek government plan to place private waterway projects under state control.

landing at corfu airport

The Greek government has finally ratified contracts with a German-Greek consortium to run 14 of its regional and island airports including Crete, Corfu, Kefalonia, Kos and Mykonos.

Olympic airplane prop air

The Greek government is set to draw up new criteria for the allocation of airline subsidies for flights to many Greek islands. Zante looks like it may lose out with domestic flights to Athens cut back.

Dornier Seastar seaplane

The Greek government is expected to give the go-ahead for the first seaplane flights early this year. And if licenses are granted, Greece's first seaplane network could link the islands of the Ionian.

cruise ship costa fascino corfu

Latest figures show a 12% rise in curse she arrivals in ports across Greece and the Greek islands in 2015. Greece is slowly turning into one of the most popular cruise destinations in the Mediterranean.

greece rental car hire

Greek car rental outfits have been legally obliged to renew any vehicle more than nine years old. An update to the regulations means that car rental firms can hang on to hire cars for 12 years.

hellenic seaplanes corfu

Plans to launch a Greek island seaplane service in 2016 appears to be drowning in red tape. It's not the first time that a scheme to link the islands with seaplane service has failed to get off the ground.

Arrivals at Kos airport are down

International arrivals at airports in Greece and the Greek Islands in 2015 jumped nearly six percent to 15.5 million. When arrivals by sea are factored in it could jump to more than 25 million.

Plane lands at Corfu

A sell-off of Greek airports has triggered fears of a big hike in landing fees that will put off low-cost airlines and charter companies with a knock-on effect for Greek holiday package deals.

skiathos airport

Latest figures show an 8% rise in tourist spending in the first six months of 2015 as more tourists then ever book holidays in Greece and the Greek Islands. According the Bank of Greece this week, a total of 7.56 million visitors arrived on Greek island holidays.

greek ferry superfast

Many holidaymakers prefer ferry hopping around the Greek islands to booking the usual package tour trips. But ferry tris eill cost more after a VAT hike.

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