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Greece to woo low cost airlines

- by Mike

Greece to woo low cost airlines.

Greece looks set to boost its bid to bring in more tourists with a series of initiatives aimed at attracting low cost airlines. Tourism Minister Paul Geroulanos told a conference that low cost airlines could hold the key to opening up new areas to tourism. He said: 'Greece has a very good opportunity to develop low cost airlines.'

Initiatives include expanding facilities at existing airports such as Rhodes, Santorini and Mykonos, opening up military airfields to civilian traffic and a new airport management company to develop regional airports.

Greece has already slashed landing fees and eased regulations in a bid to attract more tourist travel to Greece and the Greek islands.

Transport minister Spyros Vougias said low cost airlines had experienced 'significant growth' in the he last decade and that even in the midst of a global recession low cost airlines has continued to expand to new destinations.

He added: "There is a concerted effort by the state and other agencies to attract new airlines, particularly in low cost areas and regional airports that are of interest to tourists but also to opening new markets through bilateral air agreements."