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Brits baffled by Greece map

- by Dabs Banner

Brits baffled by Greece map.

Writing travel guides to Greece can be a little disheartening when you learn that nearly 30% of UK holidaymakers mistake Greece for France.

It may seem crazy but Around 2,000 travellers who booked for flights for holidays with British Airways pointed to France when asked to identify Greece on a holiday map.

It gets worse. More than half (53%) of Britons who booked holidays to Cyprus thought it was a part of mainland Greece and not even an island in the holiday survey.

And it isn't just Greece and the Greek Islands that baffle Brits who are heading abroad for their annual summer getaway.

Over half who had booked a holiday in Spain pointed to France when asked where it was on the map.

And an incredible 24% who had booked a holiday to Ireland put their finger on Spain when asked to identify the location.

It seems Brits have little sense of where they are going when they book a holiday. Top concerns appear to be the sunshine, followed by local attractions and accommodation.

Where the country actually is, it's customs and culture, are way down the list of things to know

Claire Bentley, of British Airways Holidays said: "It is surprising to think that people are prepared to spend their hard earned wages on a holiday, without researching something as important as its location."

A third of those who took part in the survey admitted they found it hard to pinpoint where their holiday destination actually was when they went on holiday.