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Greek island taxi drivers on strike

- by Archimedes

Greek island taxi drivers on strike.

Visitors taking holidays in the Greek islands may find themselves at the centre of another strike by Greek taxi drivers. Cab drivers in Greece and the Greek islands are angry at plans to deregulate the industry and make it easier for people to start up new taxi firms.

Greek island holidaymakers found themselves blockaded by angry taxi drivers last month who staged mass protests outside Greek airports and ferry ports.

Despite the disruption and the effects on Greek tourism, the government is to press ahead with reforms. In response, about 30,000 taxi drivers have called for a 24-hour strike throughout Greece and the Greek islands.

Union leaders of the cab drivers are to call a mass rally to determine what action they should take to get the government to change its mind.

Under new rules taxi cab licences are to be made cheaper and easier to get. Drivers who try to 'sell on' licenses face hefty fines.

Taxi driver say the rules will result in a glut of taxi drivers and many who forked out thousands of euros for former licences will be left out of pocket.

Reform of 'closed shop' practises is part of the demands included in the international loans deal to rescue the Greek economy from meltdown.