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Greek museums to get revamp

- by Jeremy Guest

Museums and archaeological sites across Greece and the Greek islands are getting a major upgrade over the next three years. The Ministry of Culture has given the go-ahead to plans for a major revamp of 20 museums and 149 archaeological sites to the highest A1 category. Up until now, no Greek museum or archaeological site, not even the Acropolis in Athens, has got an A1 category ranking.

New upgrades will include the construction of large information signs, the installation of soft drink machines and toilets for the disabled and leaflets on museum exhibits issued in several languages and brochures issued in braille.

Some sites will benefit from the installation of digital tours.

As well as upgrades for archaeological sites and museums with large number of visitors, including the Acropolis in Athens, Knossos in Crete, Olympia and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki there will also be improvements for smaller museums with less tourist traffic such as the Museum of Byzantine Culture, in Thessaloniki, and the Byzantine and Christian Museum, in Athens.

The move will be welcomed by many taking holidays in the Greek islands but they may also result in increased charges for visitors.

The Ministry said changes can be expected regarding the price of tickets and with the introduction of single, daily or weekly tickets.

As many as 53 many museums and archaeological sites in Greece and the Greek islands have already had opening times extended this summer in a move designed to attract more visitors.