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Greece holiday roads still dangerous

- by Jeremy Guest

Greece holiday roads still dangerous.

Hiring a rental car or motorbike on a Greek holiday getaway is the popular choice of most visitors. But the fact remains that you more than three times as likely to die on Greek roads than in the UK, according to latest figures. Although accident rates on Greek roads is slowly improving a recent European Commission report shows that Greece is the fourth most dangerous country in Europe for the numbers of deaths in road accidents.

The report reveals there are 92 road accident deaths per million inhabitants on roads in Greece and the Greek islands.

For the UK the road death rate is 28 per million, making Britain the fourth safest place to drive in Europe.

There are only three countries that are worse than Greece for accident figures. They are Lithuania, Romania and Poland.

At least Greece can claim to be doing something about its poor driving record. It was once bottom of the table but has show a steady improvement in recent years.

Road accident deaths dropped by 9% in 2011 and again by 10% the following year so officials are hoping for an even bigger improvement this year

Across Europe as a whole there was an overall drop in road death rates of 9% making 2012 a turning point with the lowest ever number of road deaths since records began.

The European Union has set itself a 2020 target of cutting road deaths across all European countries by 50%.