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Greeks strike in austerity protest

- by Archimedes

Greeks strike in austerity protest.

Late break holidaymakers on a Greek holiday face travel disruption as unions threaten a 48-hour general strike.

Unions threaten to extend a planned general strike next week as protests against sweeping Greek austerity measures continue.

The general strike planned for October 19 looks likely to continue the following day, shutting down public transport in Athens and barring tourists from touring the Acropolis.

The strike coincides with a Greek government vote on the latest Greek austerity package just days before a European Union summit on the crisis.

Union leaders claim the austerity bill "will destroy Greece and its people." The public sector union Adedy is coordinating the strike alongside the General Confederation of Greek Labour (GSEE).

Both unions have 2.5 million members and forecast a high turnout to protest at the latest austerity bill, which includes hacy cuts in pay and pensions as well as job cuts in the traditionally protected public sector.

Earlier this week, public transport on Athens ground to a halt, the Acropolis was closed to tourists for a second day and protesters joined street demonstrations